Do’s and Dont’s for Vacuuming an Area Rug

In addition to professional cleaning every one to three years, rugs require routine vacuuming to look great and achieve their maximum lifespan. Like cleaning, the required frequency of vacuuming depends upon the type of rug and the amount and type of traffic the rug gets.
If done correctly, vacuuming is a key element of good rug health. But if used improperly, a vacuum cleaner can do damage to your rug. For example, vacuuming against the nap or grain of the rug can break carpet fibers and hasten the deterioration of the rug.
Below are a few Do’s and Dont’s for proper area rug vacuuming.

DO vacuum your rugs at least once or twice a month.
DO NOT use the vacuum’s beater bar except with deep-pile rugs or when vacuuming the back side.
DO use the vacuum’s upholstery attachment when vacuuming thin, flimsy or very old rugs.
DO vacuum the back side of the rug, before vacuuming the front side, at least twice a year.
DO NOT vacuum against the nap of the rug.
DO vacuum from side to side, in the direction of the weft lines, or with the direction of the nap.
DO NOT use an upright vacuum except with thick-pile rugs (at least 3/8 in. thick).
DO NOT vacuum the rug fringes: hand brush them with a soft-bristle brush.
DO NOT vacuum shag rugs. The long fibers can get tangled in the vacuum cleaner and can pull out. Shake shags out periodically and have them professionally cleaned as needed.
DO NOT vacuum tufted rugs aggressively. They shed fibers easily and regular vacuuming usually worsens the problem instead of removing the fuzz. Use an electric carpet sweeper or a light-duty handheld vac without a beater bar.

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