To prevent your rug from slipping, sliding, and potentially causing accidents, American Rug Laundry carries a variety of rug pads and thin layers of cushion known as underlayments. We recommend the right material for your rug pads based on the style and size of your rugs. We custom cut the pads for you — cutting short all the way around — so that your rug drapes over the pad. All our rug pads are washable.

Types of Rug Pads

Eco Fiber Rug Pad
Eco Fiber

Premium recycled synthetic fibers with maximum strength and stability for the life of your rug.

Durahold Rug Pad

100% natural rubber on one side and synthetic fibers on the other. This premier-quality pad gives your rug or carpet the right amount of cushioning.

Benefits of Having a Rug Pad

  • Rug pads provide comfort by adding additional cushion, especially on hard surfaces. Not only does having a pad feel better while walking, its more comfortable for kids that play and pets that lay!
  • Safe on hard surfaces (hardwood, tile, vinyl, etc.)
  • Pads absorb shock the rug may received from foot traffic, helping with wear and tear over time. This protects the foundation of a rug, helping the rug last longer.
  • Durahold pads provide the most stabilization by keeping the rug in place and preventing the rug from sliding, skidding, or corners moving. Not having a rug pad on a hard surface can be a potential safety hazard, especially in high traffic areas.

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