That great feeling you get after your rug is freshly washed and back home is something that can't be beat. That's why we clean all rugs, from hand-made orientals, Karastans, kilims, and dhurries to tufted and synthetic fiber rugs and bound carpets. Each rug or carpet requires its own specific cleaning method, which our experts determine by carefully examining its fiber, condition, color fastness, and other factors.

No matter what condition your rug is in, or how long it’s been since the last time you had it cleaned, we’re here to help.

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Master Rug Cleaner Certification for American Rug Laundry in Minneapolis

Your Cleaning Options

Standard Wash

We remove surface dirt and dust with our automatic equipment, pre-treat for stains, then wash your rug with a special, pH-balanced shampoo. Fringes are cleaned separately. Warm air drying restores the luster.

  • - Annual Cleaning
  • - Improved Hygiene
Deep Wash

After thoroughly removing surface dirt and dust, we bathe your rug in pH-balanced water to loosen soil and stains. Then we shampoo it by hand with our Deep Wash Process, rinse it completely, and hang it in our drying room for final luster and fluff.

  • - Serious Stains
  • - Odors and Residue
  • - Restoring Beauty
Special Wash

Rugs with unstable or lower-quality dyes that could bleed get one more Deep Wash step: a Special Wash that eliminates dye migration and maintains and revitalizes your rug's natural color.

  • - Handmade Rugs with Unstable Dyes
Pet Odor Out

After thorough vacuuming, we bathe your rug in pH-balanced water for at least 24 hours, changing the water constantly. This eliminates animal urine, the source of odor. Your rug is then Deep Washed and freshened in our drying room.

  • - Odor Removal
  • - Pet Stains

What Our Customers Say

“I’ve always been satisfied with the service but this time my (old) rugs looked even fresher and brighter than usual.”

Mary from Edina

See How We Do It

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