American Rug Laundry has cleaned wall-to-wall carpeting since it first arrived in our customers’ homes in the 1950s. Doing it right — lengthening the life and beauty of your investment — requires training, experience, and manufacturer-recommended equipment. Our eight-step cleaning method is customized to your specific carpet-cleaning needs.

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Our Seven Step Carpet Cleaning Process


A professional, courteous, educated and informative technician will provide you with a written, no obligation estimate before we get started on our multi-step cleaning process.


Pre-treat all carpeted areas to be cleaned, paying special attention to areas with excessive soil conditions, highly traveled areas and specialty spots.


An edging tool is used around doorways and baseboards to remove the embedded, hard to reach debris and soil.


Your carpeting is cleaned using a state of the art truck-mounted hot water RX20 extraction cleaning system for excessive soil conditions.


If purchased, we will apply a protective coating treatment to your carpets to protect the fibers, aid in preventing future permanent stains and prolong their life. We use a carpet groomer to ensure even application throughout.


Our experts block and tab your furniture to protect your carpeting from stains and your furnishings from moisture.


We install high-speed air movers to promote faster drying while on site.

What Our Customers Say

“I’ve always been satisfied with the service but this time my (old) rugs looked even fresher and brighter than usual.”

Mary from Edina

Carpet Cleaning Professional Certification

Greg Pogue — Certified Cleaning Technician by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration, Master Textile Cleaner, and Certified Master Smoke and Fire Restorer — oversees all in-home carpet cleaning procedures. His expertise includes:

  • Residential and commercial carpet cleaning
  • Odor control and pet odor removal
  • Repair and reinstallation
  • Wood floor maintenance
  • Color repairs
  • Fire and smoke restoration
  • Upholstery and fine fabric cleaning
  • Stone, masonry and ceramic tile cleaning
  • Water restoration (journeyman certification)

Our IICRC-certified team will diagnose the specific treatment required for your carpet and soil conditions. Using our experience and versatility, our team will safely and effectively remove the contaminants hidden within your carpet. We use a variety of techniques including the ones listed to make your carpet fresh.

We believe that every surface and cleaning problem is unique and requires an appropriate cleaning solution. There is not one solution or one magic cleaning agent that can fix all cleaning problems! Our team will assess your needs and come up with the best course of action to get the results that you desire for your carpets, upholstery or hardwood floors. We ensure that your cleaning experience will be uniquely yours.

Correct upholstery cleaning is essential. You can depend on American Rug Laundry for a fully informed, hands-on approach. All in-home upholstery and fine fabric cleaning is performed by a cleaning technician certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration, who has extensive training in identifying specific fabrics, testing for dye stability to prevent color migration, and rating soil conditions—all of which inform our cleaning recommendations. Our five-step cleaning method is customized to your particular needs.

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Our Five Step Upholstery Cleaning Process

When you entrust American Rug Laundry to clean and restore your furniture and fine fabrics, our professional service technicians take the following steps:


Pre-inspects your upholstery, completes a fabric analysis, explains our recommended cleaning procedures, and fully answers all questions, providing a written, no-obligation estimate.


Brushes your fabric with a natural fiber brush to remove both loose and ground-in soil and debris.


Pre-vacuums to help remove loose contaminants released by the brushing.


Pre-conditions fabric, usually by applying a light mist of fine fabric cleaning solution or by hand-application of fine fabric shampoo. This emulsifies, lifts, and suspends embedded soil and debris.


Rinses fabrics with a rinsing agent to remove suspended soil, leaving them clean, fresh, and free of any residues.

Cleaning Services as Unique as You

Over time, regular usage and minor accidents take an inevitable toll on you upholstery. American Rug Laundry provides effective solutions, perfected through over 100 years of cleaning, maintaining, and preserving delicate rugs and carpeting. We clean all types of specialty fabrics, including Haitian cottons, linens, tapestry, silk blends, and synthetic fibers, in the comfort and privacy of your home.

While a DIY approach may make sense for a random spot or spill, turn to American Rug Laundry when it's time to deep-clean your carpeting. Our IICRC-certified technicians evaluate specific carpet and soil conditions and customize a carpet cleaning experience that delivers on results and value. Our environmentally sensitive products and techniques meet or exceed industry standards and guidelines.

Call us at (612) 721-3333 to schedule upholstery cleaning in your home or for an estimate.

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