The Pet and Moth Connection

Here at American Rug Laundry we see rug emergencies of every imaginable cause, but by far the two most common are pet accidents and moths. Moths and pets may seem completely unrelated, but in fact there is a strong causal connection. As much as moths love wool clothing and carpets, they are also strongly attracted to pet fur and dander. Cats and dogs tend to enjoy rugs, as any pet owner knows. They roll on them, nap on them, and sometimes have accidents on them. A rug that is packed with pet fur is a particularly tempting target for hungry moths in search of a prime place to lay eggs. It’s like a fine dinner with a delicious dessert. So take it off the menu. Regular vacuuming and professional cleaning to remove what pets leave behind is a powerful way to protect your cherished rugs from the catastrophic damage moth larvae can inflict on them.

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