It’s OK if your rug is extremely dirty. That’s why we’re here.

“The dog mistook my rug for a fire hydrant again. I’m so sorry.”
“It’s been in a plastic bag in the basement for years. I apologize for the smell.”
“I haven’t washed it for at least twenty years. I feel like such a bad rug owner.”

Here at ARL we often serve customers who bring their rugs in for cleaning, but do it a bit sheepishly because they are embarrassed by how filthy the rug is. Relax. We see all kinds of muck, from general everyday dirt and dust to very obvious stains and issues from pets, spills, and all types of accidents or neglect. Our simple message is don’t worry about it: it’s OK.

Getting dirty is the nature of rugs and getting them clean is why ARL exists. We won’t judge you. No need to preclean the rug yourself or vacuum it for hours before you bring it in. We’ll take care of it. And when we ask if you can identify a stain, we’re not being nosy, we are only seeking information to help our cleaners choose the right products and techniques to remove it. With their expertise and our deep wash process you can be assured we will flush practically anything and everything out, making your “embarrassing” rug a source of pride for you again.

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