Clean Your Rugs for a Healthier Home

Rugs and carpeting do several important jobs in your home. Most are obvious, but one critical job is invisible: Making the environment in your home healthier.

Rugs function like filters, trapping contaminants that degrade indoor air quality. Dust mite infestations, bacteria, pet dander, moths and insects, organic particles and allergens are just a few of the airborne pollutants that pose a threat to respiratory health. A clean rug clings onto these particles and prevents them from being released and inhaled. That is the good news. Like any filter, however, over time the rug foundation becomes clogged and loses functionality. In fact, by providing a home for microbial contaminants, a dirty rug can actually become a hazard that reduces air quality every time you take a step.

Vacuum: Regular vacuuming helps keep air contaminants at bay. Experts recommend vacuuming at least twice a month in normal conditions: See “The Do’s and Dont’s of Vacuuming” (

Clean: Having your rugs and carpeting professionally laundered is also a very important element of a healthy-home program. A thorough cleaning removes contaminant particles all the way down to the rug foundation, using naturally anti-bacterial shampoos. Basically, it cleans and disinfects your floor filter. Under normal conditions it is recommended that you have your rugs and carpets professionally cleaned every two to three years. It is one of the easiest and most effective ways to create the healthiest home environment you can.

Here are more reasons to have your rugs professionally cleaned at least every 2-3 years:
Keep them looking beautiful
Preserve their value
Discourage mold growth
Restore an even nap and correct shading
Inspect and repair damage and potential deterioration

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